Should euthanasia be legalized

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Nowadays the question of euthanasia is very controversial. People argue it endlessly. Seems, that we`ll never come to the common conclusion about it.

Should euthanasia be legalized?

     The ancient Greeks and the Romans thought that there was no reason to preserve the life of a person that has no reason to live anymore. So, the Greeks and the Romans allowed voluntary euthanasia in their civilizations. Nowadays the question of euthanasia is very controversial. People argue it endlessly. Seems, that we`ll never come to the common conclusion about it.

      Firstly, we take up the question from the materialistic and pragmatic point of view. Dr.Jeff White says: “Euthanasia is used to end a person's suffering, meaning that it skips the step of slowly dying from intolerable amounts of pain. In other words, you are ending one's suffering, which may put others at ease as well. People shouldn't have to live through slowly dying in a painful manner, it is much more humane for them to be at peace when they are ready.” In this case the euthanasia is justified in the meaning that it ends all human`s sufferings and gives a mercy of easy and beautiful death.  Supporters of euthanasia convince us that life is good only when positive emotions prevail over negative ones. They say that in the case of euthanasia there is a choice between suffering and blessing - a choice in favor of blessing.

       Secondly, we should look at this question through the prism of religion because this idea is strongly connected with the concept of life and death. Almost in every religious faith the idea of suicide (in fact, euthanasia is just the same thing as suicide) is totally inadmissible. Take, for example, Buddhism and its concept of reincarnation, where it is believed that every spirit has its karma. Karma refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. Karma in the present affects one's future in the current life, as well as the nature and quality of future live, thus if a person is suffering from an incurable disease, he has to go until the end and learn the lesson of life.

The same idea believes the Christianity. Jesus said that our duty is not to avoid the sufferings but to stand them with dignity. From the Christian point of view euthanasia is a murder in spite of it is called “mercy”. We all made by God, and we are responsible in face of God for our actions. Time of the our life`s end should be the prerogative of God, not us. Death is not the end of everything, because our souls are immortal. Suffering must always evoke responsive care, and euthanasia should not be interpreted and applied as a solution. Christians believe that the courageous patience in suffering carries the greatest moral and social benefit of society.

        One may say that the great funds are spent to maintain the incurably ill person`s life and it`s better to spend these resources to those who has a chance to live the full life. That is right but it`s better neither maintain nor deprive the ill person`s life. Dying is a part of life, and it can be an essential part of the life, and the most important for a dying man and for the people around him. The process of dying can be a time of profound understanding of  his own life, finding the meaning of life in general. Thus, I come to the conclusion that I am rather against of euthanasia neither for it.



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